Position Gold Make SEO Simple with a Step by Step Manual

We want to fully enlighten all of our clients, potential clients and even just people who are interested in Search Engine Optimisation. We are aware that many SEO companies try to bamboozle their clients with technical terms and phrases, as to what it is that they are actually doing to their websites. But here at Position Gold Ltd, we explain this fully to every client and query and aim to ensure our client is fully aware of all the terms and processes involved in SEO.

To provide even more understanding of SEO, Position Gold Ltd are publishing a free 'How to SEO Manual' providing free information on what SEO is all about. The manual will include in depth explanations of key SEO terms, comprehensive breakdowns of all the technical aspects of SEO, information on how SEO could positively influence your website, the introduction and explanations of ethical and unethical Search Engine Optimisation techniques and many other elucidations of vital aspects of SEO.