Rising cost forces expat families to tighten belt

“The effect of the slow business is telling on my income and I've been making a lot of sacrifices especially on our monthly shopping. The family has to forgo many things like regular shopping for clothes, shoes and other luxuries.

“I used to buy branded dresses and shoes for both my wife and daughter, but all that has changed; we go for less expensive, still quality, wears and exercise some control on the way we spend our little change," he said.
The Arab expatriate, who lives in a three-room apartment with his nurse wife and daughter, said he has been able to cope with the full support of his wife who assists with her monthly income.

“I am desperately looking for a job now before my account goes into red, especially now that we are expecting a new baby, and if things remain as they are, I may consider relocating to my country," he said.